Town and Village Paper 8/11 – Letters to the Editor

Town and Village Paper 8/11 – Letters to the Editor

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Dog’s eye saved after other pooch attacked

“How fortunate that Dr. Mann and his experienced team were on duty the afternoon of July 2, the Saturday of the long weekend. My little Maltese dog, Rudy, had a frightening encounter with a neighborhood greyhound who grabbed and shook him so fiercely that in an instant his right eye began swelling and coming out of the socket.

Since my two dogs were already patients of Dr. Mann, he performed skillful surgery on the eyelid to allow him to ease the eye back into the socket. His eyelid was stitched closed for three weeks to heal the eye and help with swelling after which the stitches were removed.

rudy 2

Because both of my dogs are registered pet therapy dogs, making weekly patient visits to NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases and two Memorial Sloan Kettering facilities, they have complimentary annual eye exams at the Animal Medical Center. Rudy will have a followup exam there this month to assess his vision in the injured eye.

The benefits of Whole Health Veterinary aside from its location are many. And best of all Dr. Mann lives in the neighborhood, and he and his staff will make house calls… something that Rudy benefitted from the morning after surgery.”

Christy Brown, PCV


Here is a recent aftershot of Rudy!

rudy after


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