• Jennifer M.

    Jennifer M.


    So very happy that Dr.  Mann and his crew have relocated to Manhattan.  We've been his patients for almost 10 years through 2 different clinics in Brooklyn and finally he's in our neighborhood.  I find him to be the most knowledgeable vet I've been to and he doesn't over dramatize the situation.  Things have been serious but treatable, and I prefer a vet who acts calm in the face of adversity rather than making me feel like things are very bleak.  I would follow him anywhere,  so I'm thrilled he moved closer rather than farther this time!

  • Jacquelin P.

    Jacquelin P.
    New York, NY


    I brought my puppy here for her first Vet visit.  I was able to find Whole Health after calling around and catching a wonderful woman that answered the phone.  I found her to be genuine and very accommodating and much more so than the other offices I had reached out to. Bringing my new baby to the doctor was nerve racking and from the moment I walked in the door I was greeted with friendly faces and a very clean facility.  Going in to meet the Vet, I had my notebook full of questions ready.  The Vet was so patient with me and answered every single question.  In addition, gave me some really helpful advice and I could tell he was genuinely a dog lover. Abby had a reaction to the immunization a few hours later and the office was kind enough to stay open 30 minutes after closing to accommodate a panicky new parent.  They gave her a shot and within hours she was so much better.  There was no charge of course and they called me first thing in the morning to ask how Abby was. Prices were lower than most offices I checked, receptionists so kind, and the techs so helpful and they loved animals!  I highly recommend Whole Health and I am looking forward to a long term relationship between Abby and their team.  Thank you so much Whole Health for making me feel like our new puppy was in great hands!!!  It feels so nice to know they care as much as I do about Abby!!!

  • Paula S

    Paula S
    New York, NY


    I am so happy I was recommended to see Dr. Mann!  I took my 17 year old cat to see Dr. Mann and thought I was going to have put my cat to sleep. Dr. Mann listened to all my cats issues. He saw how stressed out I was and was very sensitive to that. Long story short he saved my cats life with some antiobiotics and recommended a prescription food and some holistic powder. No more diarrhea for my Murray. They discussed the bill with me and gave me an estimate.  They called to follow up with me. I am one who stays away from doctors and vets but for me Dr. Mann is the best vet in the city and I have had my share of bad experiences with other vets.  I am sure you will have a great experience too! Murray my senior and Suki my kitten

  • Chaya F.

    Chaya F.
    New York, NY


    I had such a wonderful experience here with my Maltese pup!! Vet visits can be so stressful but Dr. Mann as well as all of the wonderful people there (I am working on my terrible name remembering skills) made the whole process as painless as possible.  They were so accomodating, friendly, straighforward, and immensly helpful to both me and my pup. They took the time to get me involved and go over all of the procedures with me and explained what was necessary and what was optional and why and presented different options. They never pressured me into doing things one way or another and worked with me more than I could have anticipated. I also very much appreciate their approach of combining holistic healing with standard methods and wish this was incorporated more in all medical practices! Thank you guys so much for making something that is generally very anxiety inducing so much less so and taking such great care of my pup!!

  • Liv M.

    Liv M.
    New York, NY


    My Aussie mix was very sick, I live nearby and happened to walk in. The staff was so accommodating, dr man treated Ryder like he was his own dog. Everyone there went above and beyond to help Ryder get better. They were available every time I called and let me come see him while he was convalescing whenever I wanted. It's safe to say we have found our new vet. I HIGHLY recommend the team here and Dr Man.

  • Lindsey B.

    Lindsey B.
    Manhattan, NY


    Dr. Mann treats my Henry like his own dog. The staff is also very nice and helpful. I trust them with my dog's health. I also like that they explain all of the options and the corresponding charges before they treat their patients.

  • Courtney W.

    Courtney W.
    New York, NY


    We rescued Otto, a mini Aussie/sheltie mix and noticed that he was having some digestive issues + being pretty lethargic for a 9(ish) month old. We're first time dog owners so wanted to get him checked out. We were a walk-in on Sunday morning and were taken right away. Things that stood out to us: -Receptionist and Vet techs were absolutely lovely and welcoming. Receptionist helped get us set up with pet insurance and called the next day to check up on Otto - really sweet. -Dr Mann was great! Very smart and personable. He really took his time with us to go through everything and answer all of our questions. Very thoughtful, funny and patient. We stumbled into this place and are so lucky that we did! Very happy and fortunate to have such a great vet for our wily, little pup!!

  • Carolyn R.

    Carolyn R.
    Manhattan, NY


    Within 24 hours of our having our new rescue dog, Riley, we took her to the vet for a routine check-up. We had never even met Dr. Mann before. He diagnosed her the same day with a grade 5 heart murmur and heart-worms. Riley had to be treated over night and Dr. Mann took her to his own home to watch her. He emailed me photos and contacted me first thing in the morning to say she was going to be ok! Dr. Mann and his entire staff are warm, kind, knowledgeable and we are so lucky he opened across the street. Riley is back home with my 9 year old where she can now start a normal life. I can't recommend Whole Health Veterinary Hospital and Dental Clinic enough.

  • Marci F.

    Marci F.
    Manhattan, NY


    Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog. - Charles F. Duran. Dr Timothy Mann of Whole Health Veterinary Hospital has a soul that is not only large but he is one of the most compassionate, nurturing, capable, intelligent and genuine doctors I have met period! I brought my precious 15 month old Chihuahua/terrier mix to meet Dr Mann for the first time. From the instant I walked in and met Dr Mann and his wonderful staff :- Megan, Fani, Elizabeth, Crystal, Dashawn and Danny,I felt immediately at ease and confident that I had found the right vet for my angel girl. Dr Mann was patient and kind while I discussed my little girls medical history. Her weight gain was on a trajectory that was alarming and of great concern and I needed answers. Dr Mann's diagnosis was immediate and precise. The blood tests and ultrasound were a formality for what he already knew. There was no question in my mind when after one hour of meeting the good doctor, I handed my baby over to have her operation. Dr Mann finished her op in under an hour and called me right away with her prognosis. I was in awe of his compassion, timing and precision. His staff told me that Dr Mann has magic hands and I believe them! Exactly one day later I walked across the street to my new favorite neighborhood vet to visit my baby. She was alert, not in any pain and well rested. I took her home 5 hours later. To Dr Mann and the staff of the Whole Health Veterinary Hospital- thank you all from the bottom of my heart. YOU ROCK!!!! If you want the best, most compassionate care and treatment for your animals- look no further! Your babies will truly never be in better hands!

  • Alicia A.

    Alicia A.
    New York, NY


    I've been looking for a new vet for my year old Chihuahua since moving to NY in September. It hasn't been an easy search. I was very excited to hear we were having a veterinary hospital opening up across the street from where I live. During the month of February they even had free exams. I made an appointment and found out they even take walk ins. The whole staff was very friendly and inviting. After meeting with Dr. Mann I decided to go ahead with her first year shots and get her microchipped. He did a wonderful job. He even gave me some great tips on how to keep our little dogs joints healthy since she has a back knee problem. The next day I got a call checking up on her and to my surprise the results of a test were in already. I'm positive we have found our new vet(:

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